The emotional roller coaster better known as divorce is an experience that will have you thinking about many different problems at once. Getting off this roller coaster as quickly as possible can be difficult when you have a family home because selling it through traditional means can be frustrating, time-consuming and add more stress to your divorce in general. We strongly recommend you sell your home via a cash offer, which provides a quick solution, so you can keep your focus on other matters. A cash offer is a great option because it helps you get money fast, avoid paying any commission fees, and overall saves you the stress of preparing your home for a time-consuming traditional sale. Colorado Springs home investors can assist you by providing you a fair, honest and quick cash offer.

Why is a Cash Offer Better Than a Traditional Sale?

A traditional sale can be expensive, time-consuming and very stressful. It is known that a traditional sale can take months for you to get a potential buyer, and that still doesn’t mean your home is already sold. Going through the process of divorce and attempting to sell a home  at the same time will undoubtedly be even more stressful because you will need to deal with divorce matters and also any buyers, paperwork or real estate agents working on your home. With a home buyer you get a cash offer in just a few days, and in a week to 10 days you can have your home’s money in your hands. 

A Home Buyer Brings More Benefits Than What You May Think: 

Selling a home is no easy feat, especially if your home needs painting, is damaged or has any difficult problem to resolve. A damaged home is very hard to sell through traditional means because people often want to purchase a home in peak condition, which means you need to spend more on repairs to your home. With a home buying company, you don’t need to do any cleaning, repairs or open houses, you can simply contact them, get an agent to quickly review your house and then shortly after receiving a fair and honest cash offer you will get your money. Also, paying the cut of a real estate agent is expensive, and with a home buyer, you will even avoid commission and closing costs!

Is a Cash Offer Recommended When it Comes to Divorce?

For starters… Yes, it is! Because you don’t want to pile on any more problems or stress when you are already dealing with a divorce. The lengthy process that is a traditional sale is not ideal, because you would need to work on the property for many months just to get it sold. You never know what is going to happen after a divorce, and being ready with cash in hand is one of the best ways to be prepared for anything coming along. An honest homebuyer will always use the current market sales information in the area, and other details to determine the price of your home and give you a deal that will surely benefit both parties.

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